Sarah Huebner


Sarah Hübner

Joy and Curiosity

My own learning experience is a joyful one and is led by my curiosity. In my training sessions, I want to convey that experience to participants. I am interested in what everyone brings and how to playfully enhance people’s strengths. We all bring individuality and creativity with us, as we are shaped by our various cultural backgrounds. I am always interested in and fascinated by our diversity.


Deeply Rooted and Multicultural at the same time

I grew up bilingual in a German-English home. I am rooted in my Bavarian village yet multi-cultural at the same time. Thanks to my gregarious British mother, I grew up in an international setting. She knew every international person within 10 km. She founded a playgroup with other international families and later a group for "English Speakers Get Together", which I happily joined.


Curiosity, Family Cultures and Diversity in Germany 

My curiosity led me out of the Bavarian village into the world: By being an exchange student at high school, and later at university in the U.S., I understood that every family has its own culture. I also explored numerous European countries with my international theatre companies. While commuting between Freiburg im Breisgau and the small town of Forst in the East of Germany, I gained an understanding of how diverse Germany is. The urban redevelopment project “Das Forster Tuch" in the East of Germany led me to people from all parts of the city. I became aware of how history shapes people and company structures. 

learning for understanding

Theatre Improvisation as a Bridge between Cultures

Whilst in China, my passion for theatre improvisation (impro) helped me to get in touch with locals and experience Chinese culture. The impro group that I founded, was a perfect tool for fostering understanding between cultures. The impro group was a diverse mix of Chinese and foreigners from nine different countries and four different continents. We playfully discovered cultural similarities and differences over the course of three years. Besides gaining self-confidence, participants also developed stronger communication skills, and some thrived professionally during this time. An additional side effect: In these three years all singles in the group found their life partners - coincidence or not?


The Cultural Nomad

A well-travelled school principal told me a few years ago: "You are a cultural nomad". He was referring to my international background coupled with my interest in people, which has gifted me with in-depth knowledge of human nature. I use this knowledge to build cultural bridges. I also apply these skills in heterogeneous groups of the same culture. No matter where, I am generally able to adapt to the cultural circumstances and etiquettes.


Inspiring Participants and Motivating them to learn 

After 13 exciting and educational years in full-time employment as a German, drama, TOK (philosophy) and classroom teacher at schools in England, Germany and China, I decided to become self-employed. I throroughly enjoy classroom teaching; however, I love developmental programmes and workshops with teachers, students and other adult groups even more. In these settings, my training programmes have a synergy effect as I am able to contribute to valuable skill building. I was encouraged to establish Embrace Trainings, because  of the feedback from participants. They stated that they had become more courageous and calmer when faced with challenges; that they were able to collaborate more effectively with colleagues, and that their students were more motivated. I realized that I had a mission to share my communication tools with even more people. 

Engaging learners

Doing Justice to All Learners

Because of my theatre background, particularly as a director and actress, the structure and rhythm of training  sessions is very important to me. My workshops provide specific routines creating a safe learning environment for participants. At the same time the sessions are divided into different work phases and activities: such as individual, partner and group work; presentations, games, exercises and discussions. I aim to include everyone and to do justice to all types of learner, and to lead engaging trainings for everyone.  

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