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Maybe you would like to be more confident in communicating with customers, colleagues, or peers? Or you wish to be more flexible when  facing change and challenges? Perhaps you would like to nudge your own creativity, or playfully deepen your English / German skills? 

I offer individually developed, practical and experience-oriented coaching for your personal goals. In person or online - as you wish.

change management

Special offer valid until 30 November 2020

Get a boost! 

You choose in what:

  • Presentation skills. For example, for an upcoming presentation 
  • Vision-based business /life planning. Practical steps on moving towards your vision.
  • Confident and authentic communication
  • Playfully Improving your English or German. For example, for a specific situation such as a job interview or meeting)

45 minutes: 65 Euro

Coaching Offers 

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  • Present and communicate effectively: Gain insights into how voice and body language can be used to communicate your message clearly. Improve your body language and communication skills in one-on-one conversations, group settings and in presentations.
  • Vision-based business /life planning: Practical steps on moving towards your vision.
  • Dealing Positively with Change: Developing an agile mindset is at the heart of managing change confidently. Practical exercises assist you in recognising behaviour patterns and help open up new options for embracing change. Resilience is also systematically strengthened. 
  • Can We talk? Manage emotionally charged conversations confidently. How to listen for understanding and how to be better listened to. 
  • Creative Minds – Building on Everyone’s Creativity: Despite some self-beliefs, everyone is able to be creative. This training unlocks und trains creative and innovative thinking. Also ideal for expanding on and exploring a current project or goal.
  • Solution Oriented Mindsets at Work: The techniques in this training coach taking responsibility, listening skills, taking risks and being resilient while pursuing goals.
  • Quick-Witt, Authenticity and Flexibility: Train quick-wittedness, communication and flexibility in numerous short exercises. Those are useful every-day skills for your job. The sessions are a lot of fun and bring joy to everyday life.
  • Positive Collaborations with Customers: Every customer is different and comes from a different background. Therefore, listening skills and cultural understanding are essential for building long-lasting customer relationships. Communication Strengthen your relationships with customers with effective communication techniques. In this training, bridges between people are built through simple and sustainable interactive exercises. 
  • Yes, We Understand! Communicating Confidently in English (or German): Improve and strengthen your English (or German) using interactive theatre techniques. The techniques also promote effective body language and intercultural communication

Online Trainings

Most training topics are also suitable for online workshops.

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  • Energy Boost in the Afternoon – Ready to Get Back to Work in 30 Minutes: In these short and crisp playful sessions, the circulation gets going again and the laughing muscles are trained. Maximum 10 participants. Appointments can be booked flexibly.
  • Yes, We Understand! Communicating Confidently in English (or German): Improve and strengthen your English (or German) using interactive theatre techniques. The techniques also promote effective body language and intercultural communication.

Group Training for Individuals

If you have specific wish, send an email:

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  • The Adventure Package: The Grow Zone - Realtime Adventures: Team building and resilience training with adventures in nature and in the theatre world. In a small group you play with the limits of your comfort zone and internalize positive behaviour patterns. Sarah Hübner from Embrace Trainings and outdoor specialist and educator, Ceri Temple (, are a well-rehearsed team and lead you safely into new territories.

Embrace Training Methods:

The training courses are developed individually. The focus is on participants with proven and scientifically proven methods. Everyone gets a toolkit for immediate use. Thus, efficient and sustainable transformation takes place.

  • Design thinking
  • Visible Thinking by Project Harvard Zero
  • Tried and proven methods from teaching practice
  • Successful and up-to-date pedagogical learning approaches
  • Blended learning
  • Practical and experiential activities
  • Immediately implementable toolkits for participants
  • Differentiated learning methods for different kinds of learners 
  • Phases of reflection and individual tasks

In-Person and/or Online


German and / or English



Offers are individually tailored to the content and scope of the coaching.


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