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Never before, have schools faced such great challenges as they do today. Induced by times of crisis, distance learning is a familiar concept for many teachers and students. In the digital world, everything is constantly changing and we need to adapt efficiently. Teach your students the skills of tomorrow today. In order to achieve common goals, it is important that everyone is involved. Embrace Trainings provides workshops and professional development for individual groups, as well as for the entire school community.

individually developed

Embrace Trainings offers Leaders, Teachers, Students and Parents:

  • Individually developed, practical and experiential trainings for all areas in your school.
  • Lasting and inspiring trainings and workshops
  • Pedagogically tried and tested methods
  • Preliminary and follow-up conversations and reflections
  • Training in German and English, or in combination.
growth mindset

With Embrace Trainings you Promote:

  • Managing change positively and adaptability
  • Growth-oriented mindsets
  • Higher Student motivation and better learning outcomes
  • Better self-management, resilience and empathy
  • Effective intercultural communication and collaboration with colleagues, students and parents
  • Innovative and creative thinking skills
  • Flexibility and spontaneity

Whole School Package

Everyone Is in

ATL skills

Every individual contributes in their own way to the school community. Therefore, the best way to achieve common goals is to pull together in the same direction. To prepare your students for the challenges of the future means equipping them with flexible mindsets and the skills of the 21st Century. The Embrace Trainings’ Whole School Package supports you in developing these skills by including all parties in the learning process:


  • Professional development for teachers and administration
  • Leadership training for managers
  • Workshops for students
  • Seminars for parents

Trainings for All Parties

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Everyone benefits from meeting challenges flexibly and positively, improving self-management and internalizing positive behaviour patterns. All parties in your school benefit from these trainings: managers, teachers, students and parents. Book a "Whole School Package" if you wish for everyone to work together.


  • Yes we can! Developing a positive mindset is at the heart of managing change confidently. Participants learn to take on challenges and to embrace them. Flexibility, resilience and creativity are trained with simple exercises. Suitable for every age group.
  • Self-management for Yourself and in the Community: Learning, family life, collaboration and wellbeing improve when we are able to better understand ourselves and others. Playful techniques promote listening, attentiveness, and (self) awareness. This results in more mindful interactions, closer school community and happier learners. Book this package to boost school life, motivation and learning.

Professional Development Opportunities for Teachers

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Students learn best when they are motivated and feel confident in the classroom environment. For this, they need teachers who, in addition to being subject specialists, are also equipped with growth mindsets, presence in the classroom, as well as learning and communication strategies. Embrace Trainings actively trains these skills and gives teachers a toolbox for everyday school life.


  • Safe Classroom Environment = Deeper Learning: Student are better learners and achieve better results when they feel safe in their learning environment. Using team building activities and techniques that strengthen social skills, you are able to create safe learning spaces. 
  • Motivating Students by giving them more voice and choice: Easy-to-apply strategies for student-centred learning.
  • Playful Learning in an Additional Language: Support your students in becoming fearless language learners. Teachers are introduced to playful techniques that motivate students to learn and improve their language acquisition skills with joy and ease. These are suitable for different levels of language learning, and give authentic reasons to speak. At the same time, grammar structures, vocabulary and expression are specifically promoted and consolidated. The activities are interactive, inclusive and physical. They also develop team spirit helping everyone to feel safe in the learning environment. Teachers receive a toolkit of activities that can be adapted to any topic and language.
  • Teachers and Parents as Dream Teams: Effective communication strategies for parent-teacher conversations. When parents and teachers are on the same page, students can be supported much more effectively.
  • Authenticity and Presence in the Classroom: Broaden your classroom management strategies and strengthen your message by developing your stage (classroom) presence.
  • Differentiated Learning: Help every student excel in your class: Learning techniques and -activities that include all students, no matter how strong or weak.
  • More "how” and “why" than "what": When students understand “how” and “why”, “What” will stick easily. Strategies for deepening and broadening approaches to learning skills.
  • Teaching confidently in German or English: Instructing in a language that is not your first language? Improve and strengthen your German or English skills in a group and with interactive theatre techniques. These techniques also support effective body language and use of space to help communicated clearly.
  • Successfully Supporting and Promoting Teams: Staff members are more motivated and outperform themselves when they feel accepted and supported by their team and team leaders. The team building and communication techniques of this training increase motivation and collaboration.

Workshops for Students

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In the 21st century, the tools for success are reflection, communication skills, creativity, self-motivation and authenticity. Students who feel comfortable in their learning environments and can build on their personal strengths are motivated and enjoy learning. Embrace Trainings teaches your students these tools for success.


  • We Are a Team of Learners! Students are better learners and achieve better results when they feel part of a community. This workshop focuses on team building activities that deeply strengthen the sense of community, and help students get to know each other better.  
  • Leadership Skills for Students: The earlier students practice leadership skills, the better. Clarity, willingness to make decisions, confident demeanour and leading groups are practiced and reflected on.
  • Solution Oriented Mindsets: The techniques in this training concentrate on taking responsibility, listening skills, intelligent risk-taking and being resilient while pursuing goals. 

  • How do I become a more efficient learner? Everyone learns differently. Self-management is key. Students get to know themselves better other better through interactive and playful exercises, as well as reflection. 
  • Presenting confidently: How do I come across in front of the group? How can I act confidently and be myself? A playful workshop that gets down to business.
  • Boost your English / German: Deepen students' foreign language skills with language specific theatre activities. Students playfully expand their vocabulary and expression. The workshop is also suitable for shy students.
  • Digging Deeper into Drama: Workshops to deepen specific theatre and acting techniques in drama.
  • Devising your own play: Choose your focus, such as improving an additional language; promoting teamwork; deepening specific subject matter or concepts. Using a range of theatrical techniques, students contribute ideas and express themselves authentically in the devising process and in a group performance. 
  • The Adventure Package “The Grow Zone - Realtime Adventures”: Strengthen team building, and challenge students to test their comfort zones. Through outdoor and theatre adventures, students learn how to tackle challenges positively. They internalize active learning and positive behaviour patterns. Embrace Trainings collaborates with outdoor specialist and educator, Ceri Temple (

Trainings for School Leaders 

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Leaders shape your school and are role models in the school community. Embrace Trainings interactively trains your leadership skills, authenticity, communication strategies and presence.


  • Leading team meetings and teacher conferences efficiently and interactively: Simple and interactive techniques and strategies invite participation and boost motivation in meetings.
  • Can we talk? Manage emotionally charged conversations confidently. How to listen for understanding and how to be better listened to. 
  • Authentic and Present: We best convince in speeches, meetings and in conversations when we appear relaxed and authentic. Simple techniques to hone awareness, presence and body language.  
  • Communicate confidently in English / German: improve and strengthen your German or English skills in a group and with interactive theatre techniques. These techniques also support effective body language and use of space to help communicate clearly.
  • The Adventure Package “The Grow Zone - Realtime Adventures”: Strengthen teams, expand comfort zones and tackle challenges positively with outdoor adventures and theater adventures. Internalize active learning and positive behavior patterns.

Seminars for Parents 

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Learning is different for students today than for their parents, especially if the parents grew up in other cultures. When parents understand the school's learning approaches better and communicate successfully with their children, they are able to fully support the students' holistic learning needs.


  • Communication games for the whole family: Communicate playfully and authentically with children. Spend more quality time with your children. 
  • How do students learn today? Experience modern learning skills for yourself.
Differentiated learning

Embrace Training Methods 

Each training is developed individually.  Participants are at the centre of those trainings which are based on tried and scientifically proven methods. Everyone receives a toolkit for immediate use. Therefore, efficient and lasting transformation takes place.

  • Applied Improvisation: Proven applied improvisation methods that are tailored to the needs of the school context 
  • Design thinking 
  • Visible Thinking by Harvard Project Zero 
  • Practical and experiential activities 
  • Immediately implementable toolkits for participants 
  • Blended learning 
  • Differentiated learning methods for kinds of learners Phases of reflection and individual tasks 

In-Person and/or Online

Flexible group sizes:

Everything is possible between one and 130 participants



German and / or English



In agreement - individually tailored to the training


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