Participant Voices


Tanja Connemann, workshop participant at AGIS conference 2014. Comment written in 2019:

Sarah’s workshop had a deep impact on my approach to teaching. It was a game changer. In addition to coming back with a toolbox of ideas – ready to be used the very next day – she changed my teaching style, i.e. being more confident in trying out new things, having students move more in the classroom, having a heightened sense for students’ needs, while building confidence in myself and students.


Dunja Batarilo, journalist and author; participant of the online course "Vision based Planning", 2020:

I am thrilled! I am completing this online course with new clarity and motivation, and I am already looking forward to applying what I have learned. 

Sarah is a great trainer: empathetic, competent, humorous, clear in the mind and warm in the heart. Structured and creative - a great and rare combination. I also know Sarah as an improvisation trainer, and the following applies to both experiences: It is a pleasure and a great benefit to work with her! 


Brie, Sr. Sales Manager, TV industry:

The activities are a great equalizer where everyone is encouraged to screw up and enjoy it, and I think it encourages quick thinking. Very fun!

I’ve actually used some of the activities you taught us in my department Zoom meetings to make them a bit more interesting and lighten things up. Everyone loved it. I think it’s clear that the work you’re doing will be very beneficial to companies and others.  

student engagement

Susan Macdonald, Middle School Assistant Principle, Munich International School:

It has been a joy working with you while you have been with us at MIS. The theatre skills you have taught have helped so many people add engagement and activity to their teaching. Thank you!

student engagement

Jennifer Holleis, journalist and sworn-in translator & interpreter:

Sarah’s coaching was an amazing investment in my life, career and focus. She’s guided our little group carefully and attentively from the first to the last session, answered all our questions promptly and, for me in particular, showed lots of patience and compassion when it took a little longer to complete the units. I felt very safe with her and well-guarded – which is priceless in a phase of transition. 

The outcome is astonishing, I re-connected to my passion-projects and found a viable way to implement them into my life.


Jason Ward, currently teaching in Peru. Participant of professional development courses in Suzhou China 2015-2017. Feedback received July 2020: 

You absolutely inspired me and helped me see another side of education. I think the approach and ideas you have are even more relevant than I realised and could be a lifeline in such difficult times. THANK YOU!

Practical approach

Feedback from professional development participants, AGIS conference „ImprovED – Learning with a Smile“ January 2018:


How easily improv theater can be done! Cool workshop, no matter what and IF you teach.


Practical approach. Thank you so much! Great ideas very well presented.

I now have a toolbox of activities. Each example is useful. I like the flexibility of the prompts and how you can adapt them for each content and group need.

Variety of activities

Participants of professional development training, AGIS conference 2013:

  • Great ideas for all subject areas – even Science – e.g. learning formulas. 

  • Thank you so much for providing a variety of activities that can be easily adapted to lots of grades. 

  • A great session as we received practical instruction on how to play an assortment of games to use in a variety of classroom situations. It was fun and will also be useful for bonding on school camp. 

  • Thanks so much – this was brilliant! Lots of fun and SO applicable to a range of classroom settings. Thank you!  

Teacher of professional development course, Suzhou’s International School 2015:


I have already used some of the strategies and activities in both math class and with my homeroom students for SLC preparation. I found I was able to take something like improv that seemed so far from a relationship with math and adapt for my students and content area with quite a bit of success. Additionally, it was fun to laugh while learning, be active and get away from the typical Power Point presentation type of PD. I found doing the activities ourselves reminded us of how our students feel and what they experience. It also formed some bonds from the common experience with teachers I had not interacted with before. 

Sarah had great energy and you can tell she loves her topic. Overall it reminded me about the energy I used to provide in the classroom that seemed lacking this year and many of my own activities that I used to do with students came back to mind. 


excellent and useful PD

Teachers in professional development course, Suzhou’s International School 2015:

  • I used this with Grade 9 English Plus students - they loved it. Fun, unpredictable.

  • Excellent and useful PD, especially for language, art, drama, humanity, P.E. No sitting around, no Power Point, lots of action and leaving the "comfort zone". A definite must for teambuilding, becoming aware of how students may feel and a few laughs included for sure! Excellent PD leader, Sarah did a really good job.
building confidence

Kate Sleeth, Year 4 PYP teacher in Melbourne; professional development weekend course in Suzhou, China, 2017. Comment written in 2020:

I play your improv games regularly in my classroom and my kids love them. It's become such an integral part of how I build confidence and classroom atmosphere and I have you to thank for that. 


 Online workshops, 2020:

  • I loved how interactive and practical the training was.

  • Extremely useful and interactive. Very practical toolbox. Thanks!!!
overcoming failure

Grade 10 student on grade 10 student workshop “Failing Well”, Suzhou’s International School 2016:

For as long as l can remember, l have always been afraid of failure. However, Ms. Huebner's session on “Failing Well” has benefitted me tremendously by altering my mindset on failure. From the session, l was able to realise that failing isn’t always bad. Rather, as a lot of people always say, failure, or more importantly, overcoming failure, is the first step to success. As a result of this session, l learnt to regard adversity and failure in a more positive light, thus, improving my state of mind. This in turn enabled me to face and overcome the obstacles of not just my Personal Project, but also in my daily life, in a more optimistic and forward-looking mindset.

Outstanding teacher

G8 student – end of the school year feedback on German class:

Ms Hübner is an outstanding teaching. I like doing the improv activities. They help me learn better, because I have fun doing them. 


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